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Mayor de Blasio, echoing his police commissioner, put the blame Wednesday on Sgt.Hugh Barry for escalating a tense confrontation with the schizophrenic 66-year-old woman into a fatal showdown. Period.” KING: NYPD killing of 66-year-old Deborah Danner is just wrong Barry — who had never fired his gun on duty during his eight years with the NYPD — was stripped of his badge and weapon after blasting two bullets into Danner during the incident just after 6 p.m. Relatives of the slain woman immediately demanded federal, state and city investigations into the fatal police shooting, reminiscent of the 1984 police killing of Eleanor Bumpurs.For other fingerprinting requests you must make an appointment with the Detective Bureau by calling (716-879-6633).The fee for fingerprint cards is per card for Town of Tonawanda residents and per card for non-residents.“We just have to take a long, hard look at what happened. Police refused to disclose if cops were aware the resident had a history of mental illness.None of the other cops was equipped with a stun gun, a high-ranking source told the Daily News.

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For each selection the person must be in the top three places on the list.

Erie County Civil Service Commission Fingerprints are taken by the department Monday through Friday between am to am and pm to pm.

We do not take fingerprints for a pistol permits, you must contact the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau for additional information (716-858-6600).

“At that point, maybe he dropped his guard a little bit.” As Barry tried to lead the distraught woman out to the hallway where two EMS paramedics were waiting, Danner reached down and grabbed the bat beside the bed. There were four previous police calls to the apartment, all handled without incident. We admit she had mental illness.” Cooke said he answered many similar calls while on the job in Harlem’s 26th Precinct.

The sergeant shot Danner in the left shoulder and the chest to end the tense 10-minute showdown that could have convinced Barry that his life was at risk, a police source said. In a way, I feel for the sergeant, but I’m also thinking this didn’t have to happen.” Cops were summoned by a neighbor who reported the senior citizen was behaving “in an irrational manner.” The slain woman’s sister and guardian, Jennifer Danner, was down the hallway from the apartment when the cops arrived. “She was never treated anything but normally by the police before,” said Cooke, 74, outside Danner’s home. “I never had to shoot anybody or pull my gun on them,” he said. She didn’t have no gun.” Nearly 50 Black Lives Matter protesters marched from Danner’s home to the 43rd Precinct stationhouse Wednesday evening chanting “Justice for Deborah Danner,” “Black Lives Matter”and “F--k the police.” “We’re being murdered,” said activist Hawk Newsome.

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